Ethan Pranger


I love writing unique dialogue that helps to bring characters to life and show off their personalities and quirks. One way I approach this is by giving the character's different voices in my head as I am writing them to help make sure that I am writing each one unique from each other.

The Shadows That Linger


The Shadows That Linger is a supernatural murder mystery game. Take on the role of Ilana, using your supernatural powers to help solve the mystery surrounding your sister's death and catch her killer.

Release Date: Spring 2021

Team Size: 14

Midnight Customers


Midnight Customers is a narrative driven horror game where you play as an unwitting gas station clerk working the graveyard shift. Discover the mystery surrounding the gas station and weird and inhuman customers come in.

Release Date: Spring 2022

Team Size: 8

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Possession Obsession

Narrative Designer / Writer

Possession Obsession is a supernatural party game where you work as an intern for the devil. Compete with your fellow interns to come out on top and get hired on full-time at the Hellish Events Limited Liability Corporation (or the H.E.L.L.C for short).

Expected Release Date: Spring 2022

Team Size: 10

Soul Mates

(In Development)

Narrative Designer / Writer

Your life might be over, but that doesn't mean your love life has to be. In this undead dating simulator, romance the other ghoulish passengers on the Cruise of the Damned and find your soulmate.

Current Team Size: 5

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Undue Influence.png

Undue Influence


Narrative Designer / Writer

Undue Influence is a stealth and exploration game. Take on the role of Alexis Montgomery, a newlywed turned widow, and eliminate your in-laws so that you are the sole inheritor of your late husband's wealth.

Team Size: 4

Beyond The Grave


Narrative Designer / Writer

Beyond The Grave is a retro-styled RPG surrounding the topic of grief. Take on the role of Brennan, a young boy who feels responsible for the death of his sister, as he pursues a path to bring his sister back from the grave and dealing with the consequences of his actions.

Team Size: 1